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Anxiety Doesn't Own You!

It feels like it sometimes, doesn't it? There you are in a long line, you've already been waiting 20 minutes, and you have to pick the kids up from school soon. You check the time, and you begin to sweat. You don't want to lose your place in line, because that would be annoying to leave, especially when you've waited this long; then to have to waste your time coming back... You're feeling overwhelmed, irritated, anxious!

This specific example may not apply to you, perhaps you handle all your business online and you don't have kids, but you still know what I mean. When that guy doesn't call you back after your first date, when you don't have your financial house in order, when your boss is hassling you at work... We all have stress and anxiety in our lives, it is nearly inevitable, however IT DOES NOT OWN YOU!

Perhaps anxiety has been controlling your life for a long time. It may even be your comfort zone, whether you admit it or not. Are you use to having panic attacks? Do you constantly excuse your behavior or blame your anxiety for the limitations in your life? Well, it's time to break free of those shackles! There is no reason to live a caged life when there is so much to explore, do and BE!

The reason that I got into the CBD Industry is because I saw the difference that it was making in so many people's lives. I've suffered from anxiety, and I have watched friends and family members struggle with it as well. I'm happy that now I have a solution for myself and others. CBD is a natural healer that relaxes you without getting you high. Some people mistake Hemp and Marijuana for the same thing, and though they may be in the same family, they are very different. To make it very simple, Marijuana has THC, which is psychoactive (it gets you high). Hemp has CBD, which does not get you high.

Surpassing even depression, anxiety is the most common form of mental illness in the United States. It's estimated that approximately 10 percent of teenagers and 40 percent of adults suffer from an anxiety disorder of some kind. Do you see why a shift is necessary? We can't have nearly half of the population suffering in silence. We are professionals, parents, spouses, friends, etc and we have responsibilities to ourselves and others to be the best possible version of ourselves!

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