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With + Without EGO

Many professionals are free of ego while performing their work, and fall into unconsciousness in their private life. Their state of Presence is confined to one area of their life. Teachers, artists, doctors, waiters, social workers may perform their work admirably without seeking recognition, purely serving and providing what the moment requires of them. They are One with the Now.

Work should not merely be a means to an end. When work is a series of tasks and to-do lists it loses the essence of good intention. When circumstances arise and things don't go according to plan, reacting to the situation with resistance causes a separation of self and the work. There is a "me" that feels personally offended or resentful, and that burns a huge amount of energy in anger, which could have been used positively on problem solving.

People often unknowingly sabotage their own efforts when they try to undermine others to gain more credit. The Ego is ignorant of the fact that when you include others, the more easily things flow. The Ego acts from a place of fear and lack. Consciousness acts from a place of abundance and love. When you operate out of fear and lack, you attract more of the same thing. It is best to be aware of where you are energetically.

Working selflessly for the greater good dissolves the ego. As the new consciousness emerges, more people will feel a call to form groups that reflect the enlightened consciousness. The ego will always try to infiltrate and take over, so there must be constant alertness to stay in the vortex.

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