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Letting Them Win...

Are you? Are you letting them in, and letting them win? This question entered my mind as I entered a place I hadn't been to in a while. My absence was noticed, and I thought to myself, "not coming to a place that I enjoy, just because people have been less than kind, is only letting them win."

I had previously not been treated very well at this establishment, and of course when you are a regular patron, you feel a sense of comfort and belonging. So, whenever someone associated with that establishment is unkind to you, then you may develop a disdain for the place itself, and decide to not come back to a place that once brought you joy. This is a prime example of Letting Them Win.

"Who is Them?" you may say... Well, I am so glad that you asked! The parasitic energies that feed off of your negative energy. Oh yeah, that's right! It's been happening all your life, perhaps you were already aware of this, and then again maybe you weren't. Either way, you are now; and being equipped with this knowledge will allow you to move forward in your life more freely and with a confidence that goes unswayed.

Move slow and steady, pay attention, and be mindful of all things. Don't let them in and don't Let Them Win. When you notice someone being rude to you, reach for your higher self, and know that somewhere buried beneath the cinders of insanity, their phoenix lays dormant, waiting to be stirred and shaken. Everyone can rise, anyone can better themselves, if they so choose.

We all get annoyed, irritated and aggravated, and we often take it out on those who don't deserve it. When you see this in terms of energy or vibes, you can see how quickly bad vibes can spread. One person is angry, they take it out on another person, then that person is hurt and they not only avoid the person/place/thing that made them feel that way, but they serve those same bad vibes up on a silver platter and deliver them to someone else. On and on this cycle goes ad infinitum, until someone breaks the chain and raises the vibration frequency (vibe).

The key is to not let others steal your joy. Don't avoid a place just because the energy vampires are lurking, just put your shield up and say "you don't exist to me..." or kill them with kindness, as the saying goes. It's up to you, just find what works for you so that you can live your fullest life with no limits!


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