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"Beauty arises in the stillness of your presence." -Eckhart Tolle, The Power Of Now

There are moments when we have a stream of Consciousness. This clarity is really wonderful because we can tune into our higher self and ask the questions that have been tugging away at us, then receive the answers directly from Source! We are all faced with change, attachment, stress, guilt and fear... So, perhaps this VIBES WISDOM Q&A will help you find some peace along your journey!

Q: Obviously I know that I have to do something, and I feel guilty all the time because I feel like I am not doing enough. This stresses me out and causes lots of anxiety, which causes me to underperform in other areas of my life, perpetuating the very same feeling that’s causing the issue. How do I break this cycle?

A: You break the cycle by becoming more and more aware of it and being completely Present in each moment, not obsessing over the future or drowing in the past. Incessant thinking is your enemy. You can break the ties with these thoughts and bring in a wave of new thoughts, or clear your mind and meditate. Allow your Intution to take over and guide you to that which is meant for you. Focus on raising your vibration frequency so that you may align with that which serves your highest self.

Q: What if I feel so low that I can;t manage to shift my thinking or raise my vibration frequency?

A: Be still. Do nothing. Flow with the current. Be like water my friend, always.

Q: If I start to feel better, should I take immediate action, or will that just depelete my energy?

A: Only take Inspired Action, and always follow your Intuition. If something doesn’t feel right, tune into that feeling, don’t just brush it aside. Allow your cup to fill until it is overflowing. That is when you are most powerful.

Q: What if time keeps passing, and still the right thing has not come along?

A: Time does not exist.

Q: What if I fail?

A: The only failure is to not try.

Q: What if I don’t feel strong enough?

A: It is okay to be weak. Muscles are built by turning weakness into strength. Be patient with yourself, always. You are here to evolve, so allow the process.

Q: How do I find happiness?

A: Go within, and see what things in life have brought you the most joy. Then consider what else could potentially bring you more joy. Go there. Do that. Be.

Q: What if change is in the air and I am feeling attached?

A: Consider all that is and all that ever was. How many things have changed, and how many have stayed the same? In light of this, there is no way that you are a victim in the midst of change. It is constantly happening to everyone, and everything, everywhere. It is something we must embrace.

If you are going to be alive, you are going to go through change. If you are going to be a surfer, you have to learn how to cruise the waves. Detachment is not something that comes easily, it is something that mostly only the wise sages have mastered. It doesn’t mean to wander carelessly about, it means that when you love, love completely, and when you enjoy something, enjoy it with every fiber of your being. Not because it will be gone, but because it is right here, right now.


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