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I AM...

"I AM" ---That became the theme of our Spectrum Wellness 360 - Health, Wealth + Wisdom Retreat in South Beach, Miami on Saturday! "I AM" we all repeated in unison. Knowing the depth and meaning of these two words hold so much power!


I love teaching + guiding others on their Journey to the Light, and on that journey, part of the lesson is that where there is Light, there is also Darkness. We must embrace and transcend it. We began our day in a beautiful, sacred space, with light morning treats and discussion of where we are currently on our paths. Once we were finished snacking a bit, we dove into our intention setting and guided meditation, accompanied by Tibetan Singing Bowls + white sage.

The agenda was based on my workbook, EMERGE - Live Your Dream! We learned about pH Balance, Alkaline diets, the pineal gland, and the chakras. After a brief intermission we moved onto other methods of aligning our vibration, by listing our "Feel Goods" and the various ways we show ourselves self-care + love.

After our writing exercises, each person shared things that came up for them. This was an important part of the process because it helps to build connections and community, when others get to see that they are not alone in their thought and feelings. It also provides an additional opportunity for learning. After lunch, we finished off our day with creative visualization, gratitude lists, and a closing meditation infused with Reiki.

Everyone was elated by the end of our full day intensive retreat! The vibration had shifted, you could sense it, the room was buzzing with good vibes!

Be sure to stay tuned for our upcoming Events + Retreats!


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