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Who doesn't love a Grand View?! GRANDVIEW PUBLIC MARKET that is!!!

I was recently told that I must check this place out, and I'm so glad I did... I love exploring new places and stumbling upon hidden gems. Also, since I spend a great deal of time working from my laptop, it is ideal to have places like this to retreat to. I enjoy grabbing a treat and a seat, where I can enjoy the lovely breeze and be amongst good company!

GPM has a very modern appeal, as it sits curbside amidst the Warehouse District in West Palm Beach. The space is comprised of 14 individual vendors providing unique experiences in shopping and casual dining. They also host private parties, weddings, private lunches/dinners, launch parties, full wine tastings, craft cocktail parties, etc. You can learn more here.

There is a weekly night market hosted by Lox Farms, held each Wednesday evening from 6pm to 9pm. You can check it out in the southern parking lot to shop all of their local vendors. Remember to support local, small businesses as often as possible. That's how we keep them alive + thriving! You can also check out their other events here.

Upon entering you may be overwhelmed in a good way, there is a nice hum of patrons, however it isn't necessarily "packed" which is great! At least for now... Looking to my left and my right I saw food, drinks and desserts galore! I wasn't sure what to choose, or where to go first. My senses had become ignited! I really just wanted a pastry, but I decided to just explore a bit.

I made my way to the Living Room, which has a few entrances, one of which goes directly through a chic little boutique filled with wonderful scented candles, decor and other novelty items. I was intrigued to say the least. I absolutely love markets, and places that combine an array of vendors, making it very social and convenient. It gives a modern, small town feel that is quite pleasant!

So, I decided to grab a pastry from Rabbit Coffee and setup my laptop in their outdoor seating area, which is very comfortable and spacious. I really appreciated being surrounded by so much greenery even in the Warehouse District, oh the wonderful irony!

When I return, I will definitely be grabbing a smoothie from Celis Produce and I suggest that you do the same--- Enjoy!


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