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Health, Wealth + Wisdom

What if you could transform yourself in just one day? What if you could get clarity on the biggest challenges in your life? What if you could create a more loving, supportive, joyful relationship?

What if, in just one day, you could shift your perspective into one that supports you in being who you are truly meant to be?

Spectrum Wellness 360 is bringing you the best in health, wellness, + conscious entertainment on May 5th, in South Beach, Miami! We plan to host preeminent industry specialists to lead exhilarating and informative discussions on topics that are relevant to our LGBT community.

You start the day with some reflection and mindful meditation. We then begin intention setting and mapping out your goals over tea, coffee, pastries, and fresh fruit. You will get clear on your life and pinpoint what areas need attention in order to take action and manifest. Your vision is starting to come into shape. It is growing. It is going to change so many lives. You will mingle with like-minded individuals during your breaks. The afternoon is spent Identifying the limiting thoughts, beliefs, excuses, and unproductive habits that keep you stuck from living the life you desire. The day will end with a celebration. We will celebrate your vision. We will celebrate the day as marking the start of not only a great journey but the day on which your legacy was born.

Old patterns of thinking and doing will not take YOU, your career, leadership or business to new levels. Attend our full day intensive and discover opportunities instead of challenges, remove limitations and design a new future! Our goal is to assist you in learning how to take control of your life, release old fears and open space for new energy in your entire being to attract what you desire, and implement tangible actions for creating success with your health, beauty, energy and personal life goals in this new year.​ Happiness is a choice; we can help you choose you.

Vibe Veda will be Guiding our Meditations, offering Reiki Zen Sessions, and sharing the wisdom of healing energy, mindfulness, relaxation + mind, body spirit balance. Just imagine immersing yourself in a cloud of serenity, while listening to the tranquil sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls, smelling the aromas of sage + lavender, while receiving the warm, rejuvenating energy.



  • Building connections with like-minded women

  • explore approaches to embodied awareness via practices of flowing glowing and knowing

  • Building resources and tools for keeping the energy and creative flow going. Creating a true sanctuary and continued space to carry within you all the time ​

  • Reinforce the importance of self-care

  • Learn how to effectively set intentions with clarity and mindfulness

  • Deepen your understanding of the mind-body connection

  • Begin the important and continuous process of emotional clearing and shadow work

  • Emphasize the importance of accountability

  • Great Food and Fellowship

  • Swag Bags!


  • Continental Breakfast

  • Guided Meditation + Breath-work

  • Goal Setting and Confidence Building Workshop

  • Body Positivity Coaching

  • Exercise Demos + Body Movement

  • Lunch

  • Vision Boarding​

  • Yoga movement class (all levels welcome) targeted to move out old energy + create an energetic shift.





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