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Why Do We Age?

Do you think aging is natural? What is age? Why do some age faster than others?

People are obsessed with time. "It's time to go to work", it's time to go to school", "it's time to get up", "what time is it?" Birthdays arrive, and instead of celebrating life, people dread growing another year older. Age controls many aspects of life. One must be a certain age to attend school, to drive, to drink, to reserve a hotel room or rent a car. We bow down to age, as if it is our Master.

Aging doesn't have one face, age looks different on everyone. Some people are already sagging by 30, others are firm and fit at 60. Age is not something that happens to you, it is something you choose. With each decision, you are either aging or you aren't. Stay at that job you hate for the next 10 years, and watch yourself age. Stress ages you, unhappiness and imbalance ages you. The life you choose determines your age, not how many revolutions the earth has made around the sun since your arrival in this physical form.

So, you would like to slow the process of aging, but you don't know how...?



1. Stop thinking about it. Mind over matter. The more you think about your age, the more you become it. If you are 45, and all you can think of is what that age means in our society, who you should be at that age, how you should look... then expect to be a reflection of your thoughts.

2. Don't smoke. If you do, don't. If you don't, good!

3. Eat a plant-based diet. Simple as that. You may say, "yeah, but what plants?" EAT PLANTS! Organic Plants... just eat them. Eat lots of them. Do you already eat veggies? Great, Eat More!!!

4. Drink Alkaline Water. If you don't already know about it, get familiar! It provides better hydration and helps to balance your body's pH. When the body is too acidic it ages. Simple.

5. Use Rose Water, it is the Fountain of Youth! You can use it in beauty products, or you can add some to your drinking water.

6. Aloe is your friend! They sell aloe juice at most stores, get some...drink it! Eat it. Rub it all over your body! Aloe heals and repairs. If you are constantly healing + repairing yourself, inside-out...guess what----AGELESS!!!

7. Take salt baths, this helps to detox the body. Himalayan Pink Salt is wonderful and it also contains negative ions.

8. Massage your skin, it gets the blood circulating and it helps the skin to stay healthy, stimulated and intact.

9. Get rid of all of your toxic, chemical products. They are aging you! If you don't have any of these types of products, please give yourself a pat on the back + gold star!

10. Infuse your bathroom sanctuary with organic, eco-friendly products that nourish and hydrate your skin + hair! One of my favorites is Dr. Alkaitis Holistic, Organic products for skin + hair!

Keep in mind that our thoughts have power over our entire life. Choose better thoughts that will support and enrich your higher self, and it will reflect in other areas of your life!







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