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What Is VIBES Lifestyle...?

You may be new to VIBES Lifestyle, or you may just be in the dark as to what this is all about...

VIBES Lifestyle is a platform for Inspired Living, which includes an online boutique featuring curated apparel, accessories and home decor. VIBES4LIFE offers a variety of lifestyle items, from yoga mats to bohemian harem pants, and more! Inspired Living is about reaching your full potential, and what supports that better than having all the tools and resources to do so?

VIBE2SPIRIT is for the Androgynous crowd... if you tend to be geared toward a unisex, modern style, then you may want to check it out! The collections are constantly updated throughout the seasons, and they appeal to men, women and everyone in between. It doesn't matter what label you use or how you identify, all that matters is that you feel good being you!

VIBES DECOR is the sanctuary section of the site, featuring home decor, furnishings, throw pillows, and chic minimal designs. I have a keen eye for interior design, and it has always been a heartfelt passion, so this is one way of tapping into that passion and sharing it with the world! Your "Zen Den", as I like to call it, is your sacred space. It is the place you go to rest, the place you meditate, and the place that you most likely feel the safest and the most at peace. That's why design and flow is so important when it comes to interiors. If you need any assistance, I do provide Virtual Interior Design Consultations.

VIBES TRAVEL is for those who love adventure + the outdoors! I was born in nature, I love to hike and explore, and hey...maybe you do as well! This portion of the site gives you access to many survival tools and necessities for being out in the wild, braving your next excursion. Connecting with nature is imperative, and I highly recommend it for a balanced mind, body and spirit.

VIBES BABY is a curated space of clothing, toys and lifestyle items for your baby! I always love seeing babies looking good in adorable outfits, and playing with toys that are more like the ones that I had as a child. Quality over quantity is always best, and starting a baby out with a few select items is a great way to set them out on a minimalist lifestyle.

OUROBOROS ELEMENTS is a brand created by my Love and I, which features our handcrafted artisan designs. We create jewelry, home decor and more from natural and reclaimed elements. We are both artists of various mediums, and OUROBOROS ELEMENTS provides an amazing outlet for our inner creative genius! OUROBOROS is based on a foundation of principles that include incorporating natural elements, up-cycled + reclaimed materials, as well as responsibly sourcing goods to create our designs. We believe in an ethical, eco, sustainable lifestyle + we are driven to inspire others with our beautifully crafted, unique works. We collect unique objects and artifacts during our travels and incorporate them in our designs. All creations are infused with Reiki healing energy.

HEIWA HEALS + VIBES REIKI are for children, adults, and furry or feathered friends! I love to utilize various methods of healing during these sessions. I like to incorporate sound healing with the Tibetan singing bowl, aromatherapy with essential oils + white sage smudging to cleanse the energies. Guiding you through a meditation and setting an intention will put your mind at ease, and soothe the stress + tension from your body + spirit. These healing sessions leave clients feeling restored, relaxed + rejuvenated, ready to face the world with a renewed sense of balance.

VIBES ECO BRAND AGENCY offers a variety of eco and organic brands to retailers who are seeking to expand their current collection. The brands that we partner with are rooted in integrity with a natural, luxurious appeal. We also provide consulting services to small eco businesses. To learn more about the brands that we represent and how we may be of service to you click here.

ViNO + ViDO, Would You Like To Host A Night You Won't Forget?! ViDO + ViNO provides upscale, interactive art experiences in the privacy of your own home, or wherever you may wish to host your event! Serving all of Palm Beach County, South Florida, and available to travel upon request! ​If you are interested in planning your next social event, please contact us so that we can make it a night you won't forget!​

Thank you for taking the time to learn about VIBES Lifestyle! Check out more of our blogs here + feel free to shop now w/10 % OFF (Code: LIBRA) on!

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