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Dreams + Why You Need Them

You belong in this world, with your gifts, interests, talents, and unique individuality! Fears may arise, but decide to follow your dreams, no matter what. Once you have identified what you desire in life, the Universe will conspire in your favor. Things, people, and circumstances will begin to align in your favor. The energies of the Universe want you to be who you were meant to be. Feel free to replace the word "Universe" with whatever feels right to you, this is merely the human language, and it cannot convey the ALL that is, however we can do our best and use what tools we have to communicate.

Discovering your life's purpose is a process of unfolding and evolution. There will be times where you fall down and feel broken and lost, but there will also be times when you feel as though you are floating on a cloud of bliss. The key is to hold on tight to your dreams no matter how low or high you may go.

All of the people that you admire have fallen down, they just kept getting up, brushing themselves off, and getting back to it! You have a Resilient Spirit, remember that.

"Resilience is such an interesting word. It means that you have been somewhere and going somewhere else and going somewhere else. Which is what we are all doing."

-Maya Angelou

What are your dreams? Have you written them down? Have you cut out images that represent them and tacked them up on your vision board? Have you shared them with supportive friends, family and lovers? Do you visualize yourself accomplishing your goals? Do you feel as though you have it all, right now? These are the keys that will unlock the doors to your desires. Knowing what you want. Feeling as though you already have it. Enjoying the life you have now and being in gratitude.

Live this way and see what manifests!

.Be The Change. Live The Dream.


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