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The New Vegan

The clouds parted and the rain ceased as we drove into downtown Delray. We decided to try a little spot called The New Vegan, which I had previously come across in my relentless online searching for healthy restaurants and cafes to try out. I was very excited to order once we were given the menu because it was brunch-time and everything looked so delicious!

The Boo and I tend to have a similar pallet, so we ordered the Vegan House Shake, with dates, pistachios, almond milk, banana, and cinnamon to start, and followed up with zucchini bacon, and Belgian waffles. Everything was wonderful, and the staff was beyond friendly and accommodating!

We dined outside, so we could enjoy the sunshine peeking through the clouds. A gorgeous day to be out an about, indeed! We quenched our thirst with the bottle of Kangen Water that was served. I've known about Kangen for a while, and have been considering getting a unit of my own. Kangen is alkaline water that can be adjusted to various pH levels according to your needs, from drinking to detoxing and skincare.

Delray Beach is a lovely place to visit when you come to Florida! There are many gems downtown, a few healthy spots and of course The New Vegan! We admire that they are showing people a new, innovative way of eating organic, nourishing food, without having to take another life to do so. They don't just serve food, they serve people and a higher purpose, and we greatly appreciate and support that movement!

Thank You + Please Continue To Join Us On Our Travels!

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