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Sweet Surrender

"Take your hands off the wheel."

" will I drive?!"

"Don't worry, it's a Tesla!"

The Universe Has Your Back, as Gabrielle Bernstein says in her latest book title, and what she means is, the Universe is ever unfolding in your favor, as long as you are in alignment, of course. Sometimes, with both hands on the wheel, trying to control every detail, you will steer yourself right into a ditch. Being too preoccupied with the minutia, leaves very little space for intuition to open those invisible doors of opportunity that you can't see, and you will miss, if you are not in tune!

Gabby outlines her 5 Steps to Spiritual Surrender in a recent Super Soul Sunday episode, where she discusses releasing the need to control the conception of her baby, and allows the Universe to take the lead, knowing that she will be guided to her destiny when the time is right.


Take your hands off the wheel through prayer/mindful meditation. The secret to this is to forget what you think you need and instead focus on the outcome that is of the highest good for all.


Focus on what is already Thriving in your life! You can choose your thoughts, so instead of choosing to focus on the lack of what is, focus on what you do have to be grateful for. A few things may be health, love life, your pet, your friends, etc.


Embrace Obstacles, for the are "detours in the right direction." -Gabby

You are often hitting a bottom so you can reach an awakening. The only way to go from the bottom is up! "The wound is the place where the light enters you." -Rumi


Ask for a sign. The Universe is always sending us messages, are you paying attention? Have you been seeing a certain number frequently? Look up it's meaning. Do you have a symbol you favor that has been popping up lately? Google it!


When you think you have surrendered... Surrender more!

"Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety."

-A Course In Miracles

That presence of certainty is available to all of us once we get aligned, and that is when we truly surrender. This is called Sweet Surrender, because it is not about giving up and throwing in the towel, it is about giving up the resistance that has been holding you back, so that you may fulfill your true purpose and be the greatness that you are!

*Be The Change ~ Live The Dream*

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