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Interview w/

Kristine Zakalovska


London Eco-Handmade Lingerie


VIBES Lifestyle is taking ECO-LIFE to a new level, by adding an eco-chic variety of lingerie and intimate apparel to our boutique. We just had to interview Founder of Three Souls Lingerie, Kristine Zakalovska to see where she found her inspiration + to learn a bit more about her and her amazing brand! Time to get Eco-Sexy!

What inspired you to create Three Souls Lingerie?

I've been dreaming about my lingerie brand since I finished high school. I am an educated fashion designer/ dress maker and I started with some clothing and accessory designs, but lingerie making and sewing was always a secret wish and whim. My first lingerie pieces were poor quality and construction, but I didn't give up and I learned the basics of lingerie design. I left my job in another fashion brand and started all over again - with my own vision and touch. I was inspired by nature, my friends, success stories and myself. Sometimes there were hard times and thoughts of "why I am doing this?" but I was always able to find answers.

Share the mission + vision of your brand with us:

She can be quiet and withheld, dreaming about life choices and her fate, she can be loud and silly, playing with her hair and impersonate the cutest thing on earth, or she can be independent and strong and not dreaming - daydreamers are foolish, she is strongly going to her aim.Three souls is about what it means to be a Woman. Woman who dares with her nature, loves from all heart and who is not afraid to express her femininity. Our brand mission is to make women happier and more comfortable with their body. Different lingerie styles, fabrics and "made to order" option are our legacy. No matter what your body type, you can always find good looking and comfortable lingerie for yourself!

Tell us about your most memorable experience while creating the brand:

When I started my brand, I found out that I was pregnant with my son. It was an interesting journey - to create a whole new brand and learn all about pregnancy and motherhood. I started a cotton lingerie line because I was distraught after searching for comfy panties and bralettes for myself. Also a slightly childish print was a big inspiration. Combining these two things I created a new product line and world. My way of thinking became so much "greener" and healthier.

Where were you born + where did you grow up?

I am born and grown in Latvia, Jurmala. This is a city near the Baltic Sea.

What is the best thing about being an Ecopreneur?

That you are offering people better, healthier, happier choices. You start to think about this industry more and more and notice that you are a little bit addicted in good way.

Do you wear lingerie often? If so, any favorite styles?

Yes, I wear lingerie very often. My favorite styles are low-cut, basic panties with some cat prints and simple triangle bralettes made from organic cotton. Also I love lightly padded bras and high cut panties for fall + winter time.

When were you first introduced to the world of lingerie and intimate apparel?

I can't remember the precise time, but it was 3 or 4 years ago, when I started to sell on Etsy. I saw that some brands were offering handmade lingerie and I thought that was awesome and kind of unreal for me. I then started to do some research and discovered a whole new world! It was incredible, I had so much inspiration.

Three Souls is such an awesome name, how did the name come about?

Defiant, Kittenish + Ordinary - these are three moods, three souls that exist in almost every woman. I created this brand, because I always change and I have a very alternating character.

Three souls includes three moods:

Defiant - Strong + independent woman. Quiet lips + loud mind. Rough, passionate, sensual + intimate.

Kittenish - Flirty, funny, lovely + playful. Kittenish girl loves to tease + please. And she wants to be remembered, loved + adored.

Ordinary - Calm, pure + caring person, great spouse + partner. Always in harmony with herself + nature.

"I believe that every woman has different sides

and I can't define my creations under one character."

Do you think lingerie is more for the man or the woman who's wearing it + why?

I think that lingerie is for the woman. It makes her more confident and radiant, but the man always notices these things. Nothing is sexier than a happy and self-confident woman.

If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?

There wouldn't be anger or envy. These things crush people from inside and scares away all good things.

What is your message to women everywhere?

Maybe a little bit cliche, but - no matter what - just be happy! Smiles always scare away darkness and are better than expensive lipstick. :)

Truly inspired by this Ecopreneur, living her dream,

this interview brings light to the reasons that

we set out on our own

to make our dreams come true!

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