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A Few Flower Faves!

"I simply remember my fav-o-rite things... and then I don't feel sooo baaad!"

Law of Attraction! When you feel gratitude for what you already have, you feel better, and then you attract more good things!!! So, in honor of gratitude and sending love, I have some pure loveliness to share with you! But first... a song that my sister and I quite enjoyed growing up, perhaps you did as well!

"Raindrops on roses..." Ah yes, this automatically makes me think of Lotuswei Flower Remedies! Infinite Love quickly comes to mind, especially for it's amazing, transformative properties which include, dissolving old negative memories, healing wounds of the heart, forgiveness; self-love & appreciation, feeling attractive, being yourself, wisdom, insight, spiritual understanding, and more! I am pretty sure that everyone could use a daily dose of that!

The great part is all of the ways you can infuse yourself with Infinite Love, one of the options is the pillow mist, which can also be used as a facial mist. It is very refreshing and safe for everyone, even your pets! Another option, which I find to be super convenient, is the Annointing Oil. A small, purse or pocket-friendly roll-on that will entice your senses throughout the day. Apply it five times daily for optimal results!

Two ingredients stand out to me. The first one is Wild Fireweed, which dissolves old bad memories, heals wounds of the heart, and aids in forgiveness. The other is the Orange Hawkweed, which is great for evoking self-sufficiency, clarity in relationships, and unconditional love. I find it fascintating that we tend to think of the word "weed" as negative, and yet, look at the phenomenal, transformative, healing benefits of these plants/flowers!

I've had wonderful experiences with these flower remedies. I really appreciate the Quiet Mind elixer when it's bedtime, it helps to soothe me into a nice calm and relaxed state, which is wonderful because I enjoy meditating before I sleep and when I awaken. I was also able to participate in the FlowerEvolution program, where you receive specific flower remedies from Lotuswei and emails that follow. It is a way to connect with yourself and others, while tapping into a fabulous healing, learning and growing experience!

Click Here to learn more about Lotuswei! @lotuswei


What is the Flowerevolution?

The Flowerevolution is a movement. It is a community of people who incorporate targeted, specific flower elixirs to wake up certain qualities in themselves. Every month, each person in the program is taking the same flower elixir, which is designed to wake up specific energies and catalyze personal growth not only for the Flowerevolutionaries, but also their family, friends and anyone their energy touches.

How do we know this?

A study published in the British Medical Journal shows that if your friend’s friend’s friend becomes extremely happy, it has more of a beneficial effect on you than if someone put $5000 cash in your pocket. Likewise, if YOU become extremely happy it has more of a beneficial effect on perfect strangers than if someone gave them an extra $5k cash!

That’s how powerful you are! That’s how powerful each one of us is.

We are interconnected and our state of mind affects people that we don’t even know – in this very moment. That’s why we created the Flowerevolution – to uproot limiting patterns and liberate creative potential for the benefit of all. And plants are here to help us.

We know from the work of CIA operative Cleve Backster with polygraph (lie detector) machines and plants, that plants are psychic. Plants can read minds and feel your emotions and intentions.

Research also shows that plants change their energetic + phytochemical makeup based on what the people, animals and other plants around them need.

“Indigenous people would often say, the day before you go to collect the plants, tell the plant what you need it to do, so that when you get there the plant will be strong in its medicine, and it turns out that under the impact of a need a plant will begin to shift its phytochemical production and within 24-48 hours, whatever it will be shifting to will be at its peak.”– Stephen Harrod Buhner, Herbalist & Author of The Lost Language of Plants.

Our work is to travel to collect the flower elixirs for precisely those people that will benefit from them – and be beacons of light to spread positive energies across the planet. If you are a part of the Flowerevolution, you will get exactly what you need.

We hand-collect the flowers from all over the world to make the precise elixirs needed, and ship them right to your door every month.

Flower Elixirs are powerful transformation agents.

Flower elixirs remove the everyday static of life: electronics, lack of nature time, stress, wifi signals + other energy-scattering + draining influences that we can’t see.

Flower elixirs are like liquid chi – an infusion of pure good vibesfrom flowers – that travel through your acupuncture meridians.


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