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Awaken The Goddess

Oh dear, sweet, beautiful being that you are! You are not your face, you are not your skin, you are not your hair, you are not your body. You are eternal energy that has manifested here in the physical to experience this world, and you have attributes, such as those listed above, but they are not your True Self!

Sharing in the bliss of Sacred Beauty Salon Series, hosted by Rebecca Casciano, Nathalia of Maria Loves Green, and Barbara Jacque of Jacqs Organics, was a true honor! I appreciate the work that these ladies are doing, and I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Rebecca and Barbara in the past. You may recall a few posts by our VIBES Lifestyle Eco Beauty Specialist, Madeeha Kahn, who covered each part of the series that was hosted in NYC.

Now that Rebecca coordinated a fabulous event in Miami, I was able to lend a hand, by offering a Guided Meditation, infused with the sounds of Tibetan singing bowls and the aroma of white sage essences. We were fortunate enough to be in the serene space of The Bodhi Treehouse, in Wynnwood. The crystals, the ambience, the teepee's...need I say more?!

Everyone was silent, the room was completely still, and you could have easily heard a pin drop. I previously told Rebecca that my guided meditations are intuitive, and inspired by the moment. While seated, just before it was time to do the meditiation, the picture that was just above me fell and bumped me on the head. It said "LOVE is NOW", in big bold letters! So, our mantra was loud and clear! I had everyone set this intention in their heart, and reminded them that if at any point during meditation their mind should drift, simply to bring their awareness back to their intention and back to their breath.

We traveled through a field of sunflowers in our imaginations, and laid down next to a beautiful, glistening, stream, relaxing into the rise and fall of our breath. Inhaling deeply, and exhaling any stress, tension, or negativity, and allowing the sage to cleanse it all away. After a few moments of serenity, I had everyone bring their attention back to the room, back to their body, and back to their breath. Also reminding them to carry their intention throughout the rest of their week, and that they are truly beautiful!

Rebecca, Barbara, and Nathalia all gave us a bit of their background, and what inspired them to get started in the industry. Rebecca suffered from cystic acne and was inspired to green-up her make-up kit, so that she could be a #naturalwarrior and help to pioneer this shift in green beauty consciousness. She is a very talented MUA, who has worked with so many well-known people, and she is also a health coach, so she incorporates this knowledge into her work. Rebecca offers consultations via Skype as well as the lovely Savor Spa in NYC. I really loved that while telling us about her journey, Rebecca initated a moment of silence for Prince, may his spirit be at peace.

Barbara is the founder of Jacqs Organics, and she runs the family owned business with her husband. Her adorable daughter often accompanies her to events as well (so adorable)! Barbara faced some serious challneges during her pregnancy, and when she found out that the cyst growing inside of her was caused by the products that she was using on her skin, she began doing some in-depth research. This inspired her to create her line of organic products, using top-quality ingredients, and infusing love into every handmade batch!

Nathalia also faced many health challenges, and became very aware of what she was putting on and inside of her body. She shares her knowledge, wisdom and experience via her blog M Loves Green, and also by hosting events such as this salon series. She partnered with Thoughtfully Magazine, and we were even able to skype with the founder! Everyone was elated, and the room was filled with good vibrations!

Rebecca did an amazing demo, showing the goddesses that simplicity really is bliss. Less is more, don't cover that beautiful face with loads of makeup, light and lovely is the way to go! One tip that I really liked was to use a medium brown for your brows instead of black, and just lightly tap the pencil to the brow, leaving you with a natural looking finish!

At the end of the event, everyone went home with a Giganic Gift Bag (the gift bag of all gift bags)!!!

Needless to say, I am beyond grateful! I loved the sharing exercises, and the way that everyone opened up and shared their light as well as their dark, because we are in fact both. Be the Balance!

*Love & Light*



Photo Credit: Kerry Laney, 305 Creative

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