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Are you ready for this question? Doesn't matter... here it goes!

Do you know yourself? Do you know your True Self?

Take a moment, reflect. Allow yourself to dwell in contemplation and see if you really have the answer to this question.

Most people have not even begun to know themself, and add to that the fact that we are constantly changing. How can one ever truly know oneself, unless you become so real and so honest that you are never deceiving yourself or others?

We all wear masks. Have you ever felt that mask sliding off of your face, exposing the self that you are unsure of? Ask yourself how that feels, and while your asking yourself that question, also ask yourself why it feels that way. This is a very revealing exercise. It is telling because our minds are conditioned to think in certain patterns, we pretty much have a rerun of thoughts contstantly playing in our mind. That is not of use in the realm of growth and expansion. It is best to use the mind as a tool, and remain present in the Now.

Wearing masks can often serve you, so it is understandable why people wear them. The main problem is that they forget to take them off. For example, when an actor portrays a charater in a movie, they don't remain that character once the filming has finished. It makes sense that they would need to wear that mask in order to complete the task at hand, but when that task is completed, remove the mask and return to your true self.

If for instance, you are a customer service professional, then you are dealing with the public all day every day, and you have to be polite, personable and wear a smile. This often requires a mask, because let's face it, life happens and yet people still have to go to work. You may be dealing with a breakup, an illness, or some other discomfort (PMS---haha!), and when the conditions are less than favorable, it is completely understandable that you would want to just take a timeout. Unfortunately, the way we have shaped this society, it does not always allow for on goes the mask.

The key here is to remember, that you don't have to keep it on. The mask can get very heavy, and sometimes issues need to be addressed. I am often told that I don't smile enough... I see it this way, my face is like a's in "Park" or "Nuetral" mostly, and sometimes it's in "Drive" (smile), other times it's in "Reverse" (frown). No one is anything all of the time. Did you get that? If not, say it out loud three times fast! ;)

BE YOU! Only You Are You. You Are The Only You!


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