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When you begin manifesting, and those manifestations quicken, you may say to yourself "what's different?" Or a better question, "What did I Do differently?" Action begets reaction. Your thoughts do become things, but inspired action is the gateway to manifestation. So if you begin to consciously change your behaviors, you will see a shift in the outcomes.

If you notice that something has limited you in the past, it may be a good idea to not bring it into your Present. What I mean by this is, if you previously told the story of your traumatic car accident to every new person that you met, and then you started having more accidents, perhaps the behavior to change is the telling of the story.

This applies to any of our life stories. It is understandable that you want to relate to others and develop deeper connections by telling your story, but until you have reached a vibratory state that is unshakable it makes more sense to keep those thoughts, words and stories in check, so as to not put energy into them, potentially manifesting similar occurrences and situations.

Bringing energy from the past into the present and hence the future is an issue for most people, so we must consciously focus on what we want to attract and manifest into our lives. If we don't want more of the past, then why talk about it? Simple right?!

Once you are feeling more balanced, it becomes easier to tell stories without the emotional attachment that you once felt. Your emotions are your vibrational thermometer, so be sure to check in with yourself often. The question to ask is "how am I feeling?" If the answer is good, more of whatever you're doing. If the answer is pulling in the opposite direction, then it is time to redirect your focus, even if it means cutting a conversation short or changing your living situation.

Your vibrational state is your Everything. See it as your home, your car, your lifestyle, your sanity, it is everything, and it allows you to have everything or it blocks you from having everything. The key here is to pay attention and consciously shift your mood as often as possible to a better feeling vibration. Not only does this benefit you, but it benefits those around you as well! Misery loves company, but so does Joy!


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