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​​From the moment you stepped up to the entrance of The Guild 5FortyFive, you felt the magic! The energy was buzzing with green beauty, oracle readings, and acupuncture, all with the backdrop of live photography, dance and music to ignite the senses!

Candles lit, lighting dim, buddhas adorning the space, there was an essence of calm and tranquility, even with the movement of the crowd. Many inspired conversations were taking place in each corner. Neisi Cardona, of Crystal Nirvana (@crystalnirvana) was doing oracle readings, and twirling her beautiful, glowing, led hula hoop in between sessions. People were so intrigued that they just had to enter and see what this was all about! It was a perfect location to host such an event, as the space opens onto the street, allowing all of the artwalk traffic to wander in.

I was excited to feature such amazing brands, with integrity at their core, such as LilFox Miami, and LVX Nail Lacquer! Madame Fox, Founder of LilFox Miami was talking with guests and misting their stress away with her organic flower tonics, while L'Organique Boutique was giving manicures, using LVX, vegan, cruelty-free, 7-free nail lacquer. It was the perfect combination of eco-luxe beauty!

Trinity Acupuncture had a very busy table the entire evening, Requel Lopes was explaining the many benefits of acupuncture, and you can learn more about her experience and services by clicking here. The night began around 4 pm, and by 11 pm the crowd had not slowed, it seemed like people just kept coming!. I noticed that I didn't even realize how much time had passed, because time flies when you're having fun!

I featured the most recent addition to my VIBES Lifestyle collection, Goloka Incense, and just about sold out before night's end! Well, I guess I know that it's a hit, and here's why... aside from the fabulous aroma, this incense is responsibly sourced, and made with pure, organic ingredients.

We are so grateful to everyone who came out and had a stellar time with us, and also those who followed along on social media! The videos were the best, because it was so awesome seeing people throw their inhibitions to the wind and try to hula hoop! Work them hips! That's what VIBES Lifestyle is all about---feeling good, aligning your VIBE and Living Your Dream!

* Love & Light *

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