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Shawn called me one afternoon in August, while I was in the middle of an Indie Beauty Expo planning meeting. I stepped away to take the call, not knowing who was on the other end of the line...

He told me that his name was Shawn Biega, and he was launching a new skincare brand called OJAS, meaning Vitality of Life in Sanskrit. Of course that resonated with me because my name is Vibe Veda, which means Knowledge or Wisdom in Sanskrit.

He found out who I was, and got my contact from a spa in Manhattan, that I was consulting with at the time. Shawn was planning to fly out on a red eye from Cali to attend the Expo in NYC so that he could meet with me, I immediately recognized his drive and dedication. These are the types of folks that I like to surround myself with. Like-minded individuals, who are vibrating on the same frequency of limitlessness!

Shawn Biega and Mike Blosser created OJAS to be a luxury, personal care brand with the basis of wellbeing at it's core. Some strive for perfection, some strive for natural beauty, they strive for both!

Initially, I only got to see the product packaging prototypes, and then four months later they launched the line, just this past December! Catering to upscale spas and retailers, OJAS is poised to have a major impact on the beauty industry, by allowing spas to make a seamless transition from the products that they currently use and carry, to greener, more ingredient conscious brands.

Love at first sight, for obvious reasons! Such gorgeous, chic packaging, perfect for men and women of all ages. I must say, I especially favor the Vitamin C Serum! I have heard many opinions on serums... some people adore them, others are not big fans at all. I know that I wasn't until I was introduced to OJAS.

The Youth Essential Vitamin C Serum is highly-potent, anti-aging, and skin firming. It boosts the performance of your skincare regimen. Antioxidants and technically mastered stem cells boost skin’s collagen production for noticeably firmer skin.


Skin Brighteners: Lemon Lime Orange Blossom Skin Regenerating Antioxidants: Organic Green Tea Sea Fennel Plant Stem Cells Orange Stem Cells Pre/Pro-Biotics Vitamin C Oil Free Hydrators: Organic Aloe Hyaluronic Acid

OJAS Renewal Serum with Orange Stem Cells, Vitamin C and Sea Fennel rebalances the skin, providing the necessary nourishment to brighten, boost radiance, soothe stressed skin and help reduce wrinkles while improving skin firmness and elasticity.

Sea Fennel Stem Cells pump luminosity back into skin’s tone and promote skin renewal. Orange stem cells help regenerate new, healthy skin cells to prolong your skin’s natural beauty.

The line also features a complete set of sun-care products that can be used before, during and after sun exposure! The lip treatment is my favorite, because it transports me to paradise everytime I apply!

The flavour, the feel, it's very seductive, I must admit, because it makes your lips glow, without that sticky residue that many glosses and balms leave behind.

Everyone knows that I believe in synchronicity, and I know that everything aligns for a reason. I am grateful to experience such divine, luxury, created by people with a conscious and a passion for making a difference.

I encourage you to visit and check out the line... it's probably coming soon to a Spa near you! ;)

~Love & Light~

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