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LIVING BEAUTY, Rebecca Casciano's final session (until next season!) of her Sacred Beauty Salon Series was filled with meditation, mantras and of course, makeup! The session began and ended with gratitude for this beautiful sacred space Rebecca created for a group of amazing women to come together to be celebrated. I have been lucky enough to attend all four of this season's events, and can attest to how powerful they are for any woman seeking to bring out her best self. Imagine a place where you are welcomed with warm and genuine smiles, where you are reminded of your inner beauty and power CONSTANTLY, where you feel happy and calm, where you are inspired to step out and be your absolute best - this is exactly the space Rebecca creates.

The Living Beauty session focused on what the term 'Living Beauty' means to us and how we can create our own beautiful masterpieces through the way we live. With the help of the beautiful Valerie Saranjeet Kaur Oula, a Kundalini Yoga teacher and dreamy candlemaker, us Goddesses meditated our way to a state of inspiring energy to send mother earth our calls for healing, love and guidance. Every woman who sat there with her eyes closed and her index fingers pointing to the sky was and is on a mission to find her most beautiful self and live her life through her intentions of LIVING BEAUTY. We sipped and nibbled on nutritious treats, while being surrounded by Valerie's divine, reiki infused candles - Modern Rituals NYC (check them out!), and were instructed on how to use natural beauty products to highlight and contour our faces. Each of Rebecca's sessions includes a demonstration on how to use products the right way to highlight certain facial features. With highlighting and contouring, we bring attention to the very unique bone structure of our face, almost as a final touch to the process of applying makeup just as this was the final session of Rebecca’s series.

We always use the greatest natural brands like W3ll People, Hynt Beauty, Alima Pure, and Vapour Beauty and receive the BEST gift bags! This session was no exception as we were gifted a full size trio of Innersense Organic Beauty's Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-In Conditioner, a full size Body Oil from Max and Me, a full size W3ll People Bio Brightener Stick, an exclusive blend of tea made just for the Sacred Beauty Series by Yeiza of the blog and instagram handle - BohoChicMeetsOrganics, and sweet talk tattoos from The Taste Exchange! It was a Sunday well spent with natural treats, beauty products and some of the greatest women I know!

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