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Mind Over Matter

Do you have any Rituals that you practice? Let's first define Rituals! A Ritual "is a sequence of activities involving gestures, words, and objects, performed in a sequestered place, and performed according to set sequence." you have any? If not, that's okay, but it is definitely time to cultivate some mindful practices in order to take back your power and align your destiny!

We have all heard of the Law of Attraction and manifesting our reality via our thoughts, and I provide you with many great exercises and advice on this process in my guidebook: EMERGE---LIVE YOUR DREAM (available on Amazon). Right now I would like to gift you with a powerful ritual that will allow you to release fear and doubt, and move in the direction of your dreams, because after all... Life is about Living Your Dream!

Release~Renew Ritual

1- List each thing that is no longer serving you.

2- Cut each line item into it's own individual strip.

3- Make a new list of what you would like to manifest.

4- Light a candle in a safe and sacred space.

5- Take each strip that lists what you're releasing and burn it.

6- Place your list of Manifestations somewhere visibile.

7- Meditate on releasing, chant, or just be silent.

When you make a commitment to the mindset, and allow manifestation to occur, you will release that which is no longer serving you, and leave space for all that you wish to welcome into your life! While you hold onto fear, doubt, resentment, hate, misery, etc. you are literally blocking the blessings! So, let's stop doing that. There is truly no point in being your own worst enemy, and if it were someone else blocking your blessings, you would not be very fond of that person----right?! It's time to stop blessing-blocking, and put this mind over matter mentality to work!

You will begin to notice the shifts and magical events that begin to transpire. It is ideal to keep a journal of these alignments and synchronicities, so that you always have a reference of where you were vibrationally and what you were able to manifest!




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