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The Power of Speaking Beauty

We all know how much power our words can carry - and whether they be words of negativity or positivity, they are spoken by choice. Rebecca Casciano’s third installment of her poignant Sacred Beauty Salon Series was an homage to the power of our words and the lips through which they are spoken. The Sacred Beauty Series involves a mix of the personal, emotional and of course, the physical.

While this was a powerful session on speaking, it was also a tutorial on beautifying our lips with an array of natural lipsticks and lipglosses. As Sacred and Beautiful Goddesses, we all connected when it came to a very personal exercise. In an intimate circle, we all took turns complimenting one another's inner Goddess.

Rebecca teaching us how to create the perfect pout on Sacred Beauty, Jen.

One by one we all played the part of the receiver and the giver. It was emotional and magical as we all focused only on the good that we saw and felt. Through Rebecca’s Series, I have been blessed in meeting some absolutely amazing and inspiring women, and I added two more to the list this past Sunday. We had the privilege of meeting beauty expert and talk show host, Nitika Chopra, and entrepreneur/founder of Modern Minerals Makeup--- Diane Read. Nitika shared her personal story which inspired her own beauty movement and passion for the positive word. Nitika’s journey was defined by her choice to be better to herself and her body - to embrace it and love it unconditionally.

After all of the compliments and good vibes, we celebrated our beautiful lips with gorgeous, natural lipsticks and lipglosses from Modern Minerals, Ilia Beauty, Vapour Organic Beauty and Axiology. Rebecca showed us Goddesses how to achieve the perfect pout and we were the lucky firsts to receive and try a brand new Modern Minerals Lipgloss! After the tutorial, we played with colors - I decided on Ink Pot by Ilia Beauty and topped it off with Modern Minerals’ Amethyst Invigorating Lip Gloss - my deep burgundy/purple shade was gorgeous, all natural and made me feel great. The session, as always, was a means to encourage self-love and growth while also expressing ourselves through natural makeup. Rebecca always opens my eyes to amazing makeup techniques and how beauty encompasses far more than just the physical. Each session leaves me with an open mind and heart as I start the new week with renewed vows to love my body, my mind and my soul.

Burning LOVE candle by MODERN RITUAL NYC for our intimate gathering.

Gorgeous gifts & yummy treats from Modern Minerals, Lorraine West Jewelry & Rawclates Chocolate.

Our swagbags filled w/ temporary tattoos by The Taste Exchange, Lipstick by Ilia Beauty &

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