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Natural Deodorant---Yay or Nay?!

We say YAAAAAY! It’s all about finding the right one! I’ve tried Osmia, Meow Meow Tweet, Tom’s, Soapwalla and then I found my True Love--- LilFox Botanicals Deep Forest Natural Deodorant. It’s not that the others didn’t have their own appeal, they are loved by many… but I need a certain aroma, consistency, and packaging. I love the magical green scents of Deep Forest, it glides on super smooth, and I rarely have to reapply, which is essential for me because I’m always on the go!

However, the packaging is so chic, and a convenient size for travel. I am grateful to have found LilFox Botanicals because I truly enjoy all of their products, but natural deodorant is a challenge that many green beauty lovers face. So many of us hide our Secret antiperspirant, because not only does it not look as eco-chic as our other green brands, but we feel guilty for a reason. The chemicals in those deoderants are responsible for many breast cancer cases, and knowingly contributing to that is not a point of pride.

Well, hide no more ladies---we have the solution, and I am so happy to share it with you all! We don’t want to be insecure that we will develop smelly pit stains throughout our busy, hectic, stressful day. Confidence is key in this world, and the way you smell is a huge part of that, which is why I am so glad that Madame Fox also created Citrus Paradisi as an alternative deodorant fragrance.

LilFox Botanicals was born in the lush jungle of Miami, FL. Created by Alexis Rose, LilFox is the culmination of her most sensory passions. A place where organic botanical aromas, crystals collected from deep within the earth and a love of natural beauty meet to enhance your foxiest luxury experience. She invites you to follow the fox deep into the forest and bring the enchanted spa home…

Alexis’s botanical apothecary first came to fruition amongst the breeze, salty sea air and waving green palms of the Southern Florida peninsula. She is a certified aromatherapist, essential oil educator, organic cosmetic formulator, and phytotherapist. When she’s not in her LilFox workshop you can find her in her garden with her two canine companions and her sexy Italian muppet (husband) dreaming up the next LilFox creation. Each product is infused with her passion for the healing properties of exotic elements including wildcrafted and organic plant essential oils, delicate hydrosols and magical crystals.

Lilfox botanicals is a collection of luxury organic skin care products. All products are free of synthetic fragrances, sodium sulfates, gmos, and parabens. Every plant element is meticulously selected with special attention to choosing the highest quality and ethically sourced ingredients, organic and wild harvested whenever possible.

With a focus on creating skincare products that are potent and effective yet gentle, Lilfox’s formulations contain concentrated phytonutrients. In place of purified water, Lilfox’s formulations include the addition of delicate organic aqueous distillates known as hydrosols. Hydrosols are produced during essential oil distillation and contain trace amounts of essential oils.

In the quest to be an Earth friendly and environmentally responsible brand, Lilfox has decided to refrain from using boxes to house the products because most often boxes are discarded once the product has been opened. Lilfox packages products using a majority of Miron Violet Glass containers while all glass bottles and jars provided are recyclable. Lilfox encourages you to reuse your glass jars and bottles again when they are empty.

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