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I am overjoyed to share a brand with such a powerful mission! Belize In You is a skincare line that is dedicated to creating the very first cancer hospice in Belize. Many of us vacation to destinations like Belize, without giving thought to the realities that locals face.

Raquel Battle is the Founder of the Blissful Sage Foundation & Belize In You Skincare. She was raised by a fisherman, and spent much of her time near the sea. She even refers to herself as "Daughter of the Sea"! When her father passed from cancer, she made it her mission to establish a hospice that would bring comfort and much-needed wellness services to those who need them.

Meeting Raquel, and seeing her eyes well up with passion and emotion, only made me admire her more! I love eco-preneurs who stand behind what they do 100%! Raquel has faced many of her own challenges, and now strives to inspire women to be themselves, and love who they truly are. "Sea Beauty" is a key phrase, often used to let people know they should look deep within to see their true beauty.

I tried each product from the line, and took my time experiencing them. I must say that the PM Cream is my favorite! I am a huge texture person, and she got it juusssst right! The AM Cream is a bit lighter, and it is unscented, just like the rest of the products. They are meant to be safe for all skin types, even those who are sensitive to fragrance.

I also love the Seaweed Soap! The Zero Net Campaign is really awesome, because it's all about keeping the wildlife safe, and nets out of the sea! These amazing soaps are made with saponified oils of coconut, shea butter, castor oil, a proprietary blend of essential oils and annatto seeds. Our Seaweeds are hand picked from the pristine waters of the Caribbean and are high in a variety of vitamins and minerals.

A lovely Tinted SPF, indeed! This sunscreen is antioxidant enriched, and it rehydrates with natural oils that moisturize under the sun. So, just in case you are planning that trip to Belize...

This is a creamy formulation, that glides on smooth, and easily absorbs into the skin without leaving that filmy sensation that we all loathe! I recommend this for anyone who is looking for a better alternative to their traditional sun-protection.

If you are feeling really parched, here is your savior! Hydro Bliss Thirsty Skin Elixir...for when your skin is extra-thirsty! I know some folks in Phoenix who were feeling this over the summer! The wrath of the sun, or perhaps your skin just doesn't stay as moisturized as it use to, if that's the case---this is a Must Have!

I am loving Belize In You, from the packaging to the inspiring vision behind the brand! The cleanser & toner are great for everyday use, they made my face feel refreshed, and not overly dry like some cleansers often do. I am happy to offer Belize In You in Vibe's Apothecary so that others can experience this sea-to-face beauty & contribute to the mission!

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