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Celestial Radiance @ CAP Beauty

A Night Of Celestial Radiance

Madeeha Khan - Vibe’s Eco-Beauty Specialist

If you haven’t experienced the oasis that is CAP Beauty in New York City, you are truly missing out. Not only does CAP offer the best in non-toxic skincare and beauty, the ladies of CAP - Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima, host the most magical events for us conscious consumers. Last night, I had the utmost pleasure of attending their Night of Celestial Radiance with the enchanting trio of Shiva Rose, ZenBunni and Sun Potion. To call it inspirational would still be an understatement for me, as I am still buzzing from the high of the evening.

All three brands - Shiva Rose, ZenBunni, and Sun Potion, are of equal importance as they seek to educate and inspire us to use, eat, and drink organic, non-toxic, high quality and positive change-inducing products. All of the founders exuded a humbleness and appreciation for what they do, and make, in a way that we do not see much of anymore. Their stories reflect OUR stories - getting sick, feeling off, and turning to chemicals for help far too often and realizing that they are almost NEVER the real answer.

Shiva's products are used with only the highest quality of ingredients that induce a healthy glow and aid in healing our skin naturally, while also being good for the planet. Shiva herself is a true goddess - exuding confidence, heart, and a never-ending glow while infusing her products with all of these powers as well. Shiva misted and slathered us with her beautiful creations and we all felt the effects immediately. Especially popular was Shiva’s Radiant Rosewater, which left my skin feeling refreshed and alive with the powers of Rose, Jasmine and Algae. Check out Shiva and her lovely line here!

Zen and Bunni of ZenBunni Chocolate are pure love and whimsy! While samples of their decadent treats were being passed around, Zen spent time shedding light on how ZenBunni came to be and the benefits of the chocolate itself. According to Zen, he and Bunni, have not one “sweet tooth”, but a mouth full of sweet teeth and this desire for sweets is what led them down the rabbit hole to create the best tasting and good-for-you chocolate. Even more wonderful is that ZenBunni chocolate is literally one-in-a-million due to their bio-dynamic farming formula (click here to read more about their process). This was my first time trying ZenBunni chocolates and not only was I truly blown away by the taste and superfood ingredients, but of course, I left with a box of them!

Scott of Sun Potion and his lovely fiance, Nitsa, are yet another divine force! Their “transformational foods” take our quest for radiance and well-being a step further and introduce medicinal plants, tonic herbs, and superfoods (in powder and whole-food formulas) into our diets. These truly magical potions target a plethora of ailments and seek to promote healthy and positive changes in our bodies from within. Many of the powders can be mixed into our favorite drinks and consumed daily - which is recommended to inspire accelerated effects. Click here for more information and testimonials!

The evening was filled with the influential synergy of all three brands, as their founders motivated the crowd and educated us on how to feed our bodies nothing but the best. Kudos to CAP Beauty for such a powerful event. Can’t wait for the next one!​

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