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Isa @ Embody Beauty Retreat



Isa Brito


Isa’s Restoratives

About a week ago, I participated in the Embody Beauty Retreat and I am still feeling invigorated by the positive charge of the day! I didn’t know what to expect, as I had been to many women’s gatherings, red tents, and healing circles in the past, but never any event that included beauty make-overs as part of the day.

As soon as I walked in I felt relaxed, welcome, and very curious to see such pretty gift bags all lined up by the window. Knowing something about the retreat creators, I knew those bags had something awesome in them! I was right! Lotus Wei and OmAroma… Lucky us!

The retreat was led by three awesome women: Sarita Coren, of the generous and infinitely informative blog Edible Facial. She led us into two rounds of a releasing meditation and I was impressed by how simple and effective the technique was. I often get caught up in understanding the technique of meditations, but Sarita’s soothing and assuring voice guided me right into it and I had no time to get distracted with thoughts or with doubting if I was doing it right, it was an active and affirmative meditation and I must add, it felt… productive! I did feel relieved of something I had brought in with/within me immediately. Sarita gave us a tool to let go of whatever may be pestering our mind at any moment, anywhere, quickly and effectively. Yesss! And thank you!!

After lunch, Vanessa Cordoniu the intuitive urban priestess, led us to a different meditation, again the soothing voice of assurance and safety, taking us deeper into with focus of self love and connectedness. Vanessa’s guidance was powerful and I felt hypnotized, completely relaxed and present at a warm beach and I was full of gold light that I allowed and accepted fully, I felt myself communing, listening and ready to honor the female lineage that I come from, that we all come from and that felt vulnerable, beautiful, and full of love. At that moment I became more sure and clear of my purpose than ever! Powerful? Yesssss!

Then came the beauty part and I was fortunate to be chosen to be treated to a skin prep by the very fine expert skin therapist Jess Arnaudin who also has a very soothing lovely voice, she used the excellent OM Aroma products, and handed me over to Rebecca Casciano the creator of Sacred Beauty Salon Series and a top shelf green make up artist mover and shaker in the movement of changing makeup from toxic and harmful to safe and still gorgeous. Rebecca showed the group a step by step day look and then added onto it and transformed the makeup into a evening look, all the while introducing us to her favorite green and organic cosmetic brands. Soothing voice again, and expertise, Rebecca made me feel at ease getting my makeup done in front of a room full of ladies I had just met, and I really loved the results! Even though I am a clean makeup convert already, I have to say I am not the best in creating a look. I learned a lot and have been putting the new tips to action when getting ready to go out, with noticeably different results from my old ideas of how to apply makeup. So grateful!

Vanessa generously added a spontaneous belly dance lesson at the end and we all went around dancing and taking turns being at the center of the circle, it was a perfect way to get blood moving, feel sexy, and smile a lot with the beautiful ladies that attended. I felt absolutely charged with calm and positive energy after the retreat and I can’t wait for the next one.


Isa Brito is the owner/founder of Isa’s Restoratives, a Brooklyn based, local, organic, personal care and holistic wellness line that is handcrafted to order by Isa herself.

Photographs Courtesy of Sarita Coren, The Edible Facial

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