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Be The Change. Live The Dream. This is what inspires my life, and creating an unprecedented event like the Inaugural Indie Beauty Expo in NYC, alongside a team of diverse, skilled professionals was very much in alignment with my mission!

Vibe, Jillian & Nader

Indie Beauty Team

Jillian Wright, Owner of Jillian Wright Skincare & Clinical Skin Spa came to me one winter’s day, less than a year ago, and told me about her idea of an expo filled with Indie Beauty! We teamed up to realize this vision of bringing together so many amazing brands under the roof of The Altman Building, on August 27, 2015! We could not have done it without the dedication, knowledge, wisdom, creativity and great efforts of Nader Nayeami-Rad, Erik Ratensperger, Ali Mroczkowski, Andrew Mika, Daria & Jason of 13 Designs, the entire Blue Sky PR Team, our lovely Advisors, Melisse of Well and Good, Jeannie Jarnot of Beauty Heroes, CEW and so many more!

Jeannie Jarnot & Vibe Veda

I could literally burst with Gratitude!!! When Jillian and I initially discussed this expo, it was a vision, with nothing tangible except the energy behind the vision. This my friends, is a great lesson in manifesting! Jillian would ask me, “Vibe, do you think we can really do this?!” My response, “We can and we shall.” We did!

This was a pivotal moment in our lives because Jillian has been performing facials for over fifteen years, while running her own spa and launching a green-chemistry based skincare line, and I have been traveling, gaining experience in the healing arts & managing the apothecary at ABCHome, prior to launching Vibe’s Beauty Boutique & Brand Consulting. We are two powerhouses of knowledge in the industry, then combine that with Nader, Erik, and Andrew who all have their own amazing skillsets and talents, far too many to name, and here we have the formula for Indie Beauty Expo!

Jillian Wright & Tata Harper

Vibe Veda

On the day of the expo, from the moment I arrived, I could feel the energy buzzing. I floated through The Altman doors, dressed in all white, cape draped over my shoulders, ready to greet the oncoming crowd from Cloud 9! Katie Hess, of Lotuswei, was one of the first people that I hugged upon entering, I can never get enough of that warm smile of hers! Her booth display was absolutely extraordinary, as were so many of the exhibiting brands! It was truly a whimsical array of Beauty!

Katie Hess & Vibe Veda

Early Morning Smiles!

I had the opportunity to finally meet many people that I had only previously connected with virtually! It was a pleasure to take photos with some of the lovely folks that I have come to love and admire from afar. I even traveled down to the lower level for some Henna by Kesh Beauty!

I must say that the press response has been phenomenal & magnetic. Reading Refinery29’s article on their Top 7 was very inspiring! A few others worth mentioning are Thoughtfully Magazine, Lucky Shops & Lotuswei Blog.

Many thanks for the amazing coverage!

Vibe’s Beauty

MUA Support

Kelly Muciy & Vibe Veda

Kristen Brown & Vibe Veda

Raquel Battle & Vibe Veda

Modeled by Vibe Veda

Dayle Breault

Even though I was at The Altman prior to 7 am, and stayed well beyond 9 pm, the day literally flew by, and I did not have the time to get around to each brand as I intended. I wanted to thank everyone personally for believing in us and for being a part of the Magic!


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See You Soon!

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