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Dream of Beauty w/ Oshoon

Za Ayobami is the creator of Oshoon Handmade. She is a mother of three, based in Atlanta, GA, and all of her creations are handcrafted. While running a business and taking care of her family, Za still manages to maintain her amazing skin! We had to get some insight into her lifestyle and how she keeps that natural glow so bright!

What would you say to people who use chemicals on their skin?

I would say that your skin is a living canvas and your pores are your lungs. Imagine ingesting cyanide masked in lavender. Because it smells good, doesn't make it good. Treat yourself with Love, you deserve it!

Hmmm, what do I do to keep my natural glow... First thing is my diet. I don't abuse it in the sense of fast food and highly processed foods. I eat very little junk and try to drink (water) half of my body weight in ounces. Hence, the word Try. I am not always successful. I am also a big herbal tea drinker so often times my fluid content comes from peppermint, chamomile, red raspberry leaf herbal infusions. I've been a long time patron of Nubian Heritage's black soap and raw shea butter soap. And to seal the deal I LIVE for organic coconut oil. It has been so good to me. I am a minimalist when it comes to my skin. I don't have any rigorous regimen. I treat "it" well and in turn it gives me flawless skin. Lastly, I would say the energy you carry internally always finds its way to manifest itself physically. So, I make it a point to find ways to Love myself better.

Miss Za, what is YOUR definition of Beauty?

My definition of beauty is natural, organic with a pop of color, like nature.

A regimen I would recommend for some one with dry skin... is water, water, and more water! And a moisturizer. My choice is coconut oil or sweet almond oil; and I must say olive oil does wonders. And for those with oil sensitivities. I would say find a moisturizer that will absorb into the skin. Don't use anything that coats the skin because you are blocking your pores. Allow your skin to drink natures goodness. Stay away from detergents in soaps and don't purchase any soap that makes your skin squeak. Squeak equates to stripping of oils even your natural god given oils.

I think diet plays a major role in the beauty of my skin. As I've mentioned before I'm not into junk foods. I live for natural foods. Chlorophyll is the way to go...plant based diet has worked wonders for my skin over the years. Although, I am not currently 100% vegetarian/vegan . I have my occasional fish and chicken. I still pay homage to the years I was strictly plant based.

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