Red Tea/Black Tea

In the East it is known as Red Tea, based on the reddish color of the tea liquor. In the West we call it Black Tea, because the leaves are so dark in color due to the level of oxidation. Tea is important and beneficial to people worldwide for many reasons, and Black Tea specifically has some incredible healing powers! The major health benefits of black tea include its nutritional value, anti-cancer benefits, digestive benefits, beneficial effects on skin and hair health, and much more. Like other types of tea, black tea contains: • Caffeine • Amino Acids • Carbohydrates • Proteins • Potassium • Major AND trace minerals • Manganese • Polyphenols • Low Sodium • Low Calories Black tea also

Honestly, Just Being Honest...

"To Be Honest..." How many times have you started a sentence with those three words? What other way would you be? Dishonest? Oh, and I love this one: "Can, I be honest with you?" No... please go right ahead and tell me a stream of lies! Have you ever seen the movie "The Invention of Lying"? If not, check it out! It's a good one. It is a comedy with a really great message. It makes you reconsider life, and what it would be like if no one lied, ever. What if lying just wasn't a thing? What if it didn't exist? When was the last time you lied? Was it a big lie, a small lie, a medium sized lie? Did you go back and tell the truth? If so, how did you feel? If not, how do you feel right now? Remorse

Go Local!

So, Mother's Day is right around the corner... and perhaps you still haven't picked up a gift. Well, before you do... consider stopping by a local shop and supporting some of your local artisans. This goes out to everyone in the world, because there are creators in our communities that are working really hard to thrive against big name competitors. Don't get me wrong, websites like Amazon are very convenient. So, by all means continue to order your paper toiletries and such online. However, when it comes to gifts from the heart, they do mean so much more when love and care has been put into their creation by a local artisan. Craft markets, fairs and festivals have become ever so popular, and

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