Launch @ Loic!

Over the weekend, something epic happened! We launched our new, organic, artisan collection of teas--- VIBES Lifestyle Tea + VIBES TEA Lounge!!! This is exciting beyond words, but let's see if I can attempt to convey my exuberance + delight! I will begin by telling you a bit about Loic, since you may be wondering... who or what is Loic?! Well, Loic is the name of a renowned Chef from France, who created his own luxury, bakery-cafe after crafting his culinary arts at the Four Seasons! Loic is also the name of his bakery-cafe, now located in the heart of Downtown West Palm Beach, not far from Clematis. Check them out @bakeryloic on Instagram. With plenty of natural light filtering in from the

Why Tea?!

Many people are switching from their beloved morning cup of joe for a healthier approach to starting their day... Tea! Tea is our friend for many reasons! Let's dive into the world of tea a bit... TOP 10 HEALTH BENEFITS OF TEA WE LOVE TEA... And thousands of scientific studies show that regular tea drinking can definitely have some significant health benefits. One of the reasons is because tea contains flavonoids, the same compounds found in fruits and vegetables. HEALTH BENEFITS OF TEA: 1. DRINKING TEA REDUCES STRESS We’ve all heard the saying “keep calm and drink tea”, but is tea really relaxing? Black tea contains an amino acid called l-theanine, found only in tea and has some very inter

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