Vegan Dental Diet!

Your teeth are so important, especially as an adult! You want to do any and everything you can to preserve them for as long as possible. Of course nutrition plays an essential role in the health of your teeth. For Vegans looking for Vitamin D from food, you may need supplements, at least during the fall and winter months. Be sure to check the labels, as some of the ingredients in the supplements may be derived from animals: Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3 from lichen are vegan-friendly options. High-Calcium Vegan Foods: Calcium-fortified soy or nut milks Bok choy Broccoli Collard greens Chinese cabbage Kale Mustard greens Okra How to Cure Cavities on a Vegan Diet: It is possible to heal your teeth

Reciprocal Value

Reciprocal Value... What's That?! Exchanging energy in an equal and balanced way. It is essential to ask yourself, whenever you find that your energy is feeling low, does this relationship/partnership/friendship provide reciprocal value? Once you've inquired within, take the necessary steps to proceed according to your intuition. We often get caught up in cycles of giving without receiving, and while giving can be a truly beautiful thing, it becomes an imbalance of energy when only one is constantly giving without receiving anything of value in return. Don't misunderstand this as a financial concern, although it can be. This is about Energy, in whatever form it may come. If someone is always

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