Chocolate Vibes...

Dark chocolate has been proven to be healthier than ever! Which is great news, because I LOVE IT! I'm not talking about Hershey's... I'm talking about 70%+ cacao baby!!! Oh yes, it boasts some amazing health benefits that you probably haven't considered. Dark chocolate can improve mood, memory and immunity, while also helping to alleviate high stress levels and inflammation. Plus it's YUMMMMY!!! However, aside from the delicious burst of flavor that erupts as a sliver of dark cacao dissolves in your mouth, this treat can positively impact cognitive function and creativity even two hours after eating it! That's right! Ten participants ate a 48-gram bar of dark chocolate at the beginning of ea

Sound Therapy

Have you heard it? Have you heard of it? Have you FELT it?! Ah... there are so many wonderful healing benefits to having a sound bath on the regular! We are, at our simplest form, vibrations. Energy is everything, and everything is energy. Energy is vibration, and so are we! So, with that being said, just like an instrument gets out of tune... so do we! Thanks to stress, anxiety, tension, toxicity, etc our vibration is constantly plucked out of harmony. Sound Therapy helps to facilitate shifts in our brainwave state by using entrainment. Entrainment synchronizes our fluctuating brainwaves by providing a stable frequency which the brainwave can attune to. By using rhythm and frequency, we can

Black Food Benefits

Greens are very healthy, but let's take a moment to look at the amazing benefits of black-colored foods! They are packed with Anthocyanins, which are pigments that may help lower the risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. You may already be familiar with black beans, black raspberries, and black tea, but let's check out some that have a more culinary edge. Black garlic is an aged version of garlic, and actually has twice the antioxidants of regular garlic. Described as being sweet and reminiscent of molasses, black garlic can be used just the same as traditional garlic with delicious results! Benefits of Black Rice 1. Rich in Antioxidants The deep black or the purple hue of the black r


This is a Huge Announcement! It almost feels as though everything has led up to this moment... and that's because, it HAS!!! We're going to NEGRIL Baby!!! Are you Excited?! I know I am... and this is only the beginning! VIBES RETREATS will take you on a journey of inner exploration. We visit a transformation destination, and along with relaxing and enjoying ourselves in Paradise, we dive deep into the Fear that holds us back from living our dreams! It's time to EMERGE! Opportunity is knocking... Open the door! Open it and let all of the Blessings flow in! When your energy is blocked, when your feeling drained, stressed, depressed or burned out, you are not your highest self, and so you are n

Art Of Wellness

We spent Saturday afternoon at a quaint, local boutique called Herbs & Earth, in the heart of the Northwood Arts District of West Palm Beach, FL. The ambience is unlike anything I have ever experienced... In my opinion, even the "high-end" boutiques in NYC can't hold a candle to it's flame! Surrounded by soothing essences from the moment you enter, scents of sage and palo santo greet you. To your right, you find a wall to wall spread of every tea and herb you could dream of! A "Healer's Paradise", I like to call it! Seeing the smiles as guests arrived truly warmed my heart, because I knew they would love the space! The owners, Amy and Mallory, spared no attention to detail whilst curating th

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