How wonderful it was to gather with such amazing, lovely, divine beings at Spectrum Wellness 360's Retreat Yourself Weekend! I had the pleasure of leading several workshops, guided meditations + our closing ceremony. There were tears, there were hugs + plenty of laughter! Everyone had their own breakthrough, and I was very pleased with the way everyone was present in each moment and very supportive of one another. We gathered at the Mondrian Penthouse, after a restorative, heart-centered yoga session with Tammy Lee of Relax Just Breathe. Hearts open + ready to receive. Minds open and ready to learn, relate + grow... I shared a few words of wisdom, as I burned white sage + palo santo. Surroun

Restore + Renew

I had to share this... I had to! Knowing how some people feel about scars... Don't get me wrong, I am well aware that some people brag about their scars like badges of honor. However, there are others of us who go to great lengths to protect our precious skin! This post is for that bunch! ;) #realvibes I have been using CV Skinlabs for years, and I love all of the products. I even sent some to my sister and my niece when they were having skin issues. It's great for moisturizing chapped lips or taking care of dry scalp, but I stumbled upon a situation that required a bit more TLC... See what had happened was... I had a mishap and really damaged my right hand. The wounds were deeper than they

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