Letting Them Win...

Are you? Are you letting them in, and letting them win? This question entered my mind as I entered a place I hadn't been to in a while. My absence was noticed, and I thought to myself, "not coming to a place that I enjoy, just because people have been less than kind, is only letting them win." I had previously not been treated very well at this establishment, and of course when you are a regular patron, you feel a sense of comfort and belonging. So, whenever someone associated with that establishment is unkind to you, then you may develop a disdain for the place itself, and decide to not come back to a place that once brought you joy. This is a prime example of Letting Them Win. "Who is Them


"Beauty arises in the stillness of your presence." -Eckhart Tolle, The Power Of Now There are moments when we have a stream of Consciousness. This clarity is really wonderful because we can tune into our higher self and ask the questions that have been tugging away at us, then receive the answers directly from Source! We are all faced with change, attachment, stress, guilt and fear... So, perhaps this VIBES WISDOM Q&A will help you find some peace along your journey! Q: Obviously I know that I have to do something, and I feel guilty all the time because I feel like I am not doing enough. This stresses me out and causes lots of anxiety, which causes me to underperform in other areas of my lif


I bet you see this hashtag all the time... But do you have Goals? Do you write them down, do you track them? How do you go about manifesting these goals, what is your process? If you don't have one, here's a bit of guidance to get you started! I recommend keeping a Goal Book to track your goals and your progress. A simple composition book, or something compact that you can easily carry with you is ideal. The key is to identify your goal, write it down, and set a timeframe to achieve it. 8 STEPS TO GOAL SETTING: 1- Pick A Goal: Material/Emotional/Spiritual. 2- Choose something important to you, that you feel is believable. 3- Write your goal in a simple specific sentence. 4- Write your goal a

I AM...

"I AM" ---That became the theme of our Spectrum Wellness 360 - Health, Wealth + Wisdom Retreat in South Beach, Miami on Saturday! "I AM" we all repeated in unison. Knowing the depth and meaning of these two words hold so much power! I AM HEALTH. I AM WEALTH. I AM WISDOM. I love teaching + guiding others on their Journey to the Light, and on that journey, part of the lesson is that where there is Light, there is also Darkness. We must embrace and transcend it. We began our day in a beautiful, sacred space, with light morning treats and discussion of where we are currently on our paths. Once we were finished snacking a bit, we dove into our intention setting and guided meditation, accompanied

True Compass

Where are we all going? Where are we all going so quickly?! Not acknowledging one another, not listening, not paying attention, not being mindfully loving. We've drifted off the path, our Compass stopped working somewhere along the way... Our Compassion, that is! Compassion is sympathy and concern for the misfortune of others, and it is truly lacking. Everyone is very numb and desensitized, because we've seen it all, right? "Who cares...?" Some would say. My response is: "You Should!" If you were suffering, would you want someone to care, or would you want to suffer alone? What if you couldn't make it on your own, perhaps due to some type of disability, wouldn't you want someone to show you

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