A Good Night's Rest!

It's so important! And yet, many struggle with getting to sleep and staying asleep. Perhaps it's the incessant stream of thoughts that like to run a marathon through your mind the moment your head hits the pillow. Or maybe it's the noise in the neighborhood, body pain, or illness. On the other hand, sometimes it's just good 'ol insomnia... flipping through the latest Netflix Originals, or scrolling through Instagram, while snacking on whatever leftovers are around. Yeah, I see you... Well, here's a few tips for you in case you, or someone you know, aren't catching those Zzzz's! Let's start with the positioning of your bed, where is it? Is it under a window, facing a bathroom door or another

The Other Side of Nice...

Who is the last person that was mean to you? When is the last time that you were mean to someone else? Why do we glorify being mean to others? Has everyone given up on trying? Many disguise it as wit or sarcasm, or cover-up their rudeness with a laugh, but we feel it... I'm asking these questions because someone has to! It's getting ridiculous. No one is accountable anymore, everyone flakes out and makes endless excuses, and people don't hesitate to get down-right nasty--- what happened to good customer service? These days the customer is always wrong. Have you called into a company with an issue recently? I do understand that these employees are overworked and underpaid, but then the trickl

Flower Gazing

Flower gazing meditation is a method of grounding oneself in the present and connecting to essential life energy and love. Examining a flower to see what it actually looks like, with all of its specific contours and curves, textures, and colors can be a compelling form of mindfulness practice. Various iterations of this have appeared in different cultural contexts, such as Taoist flower gazing meditation, a yogic gazing meditation known as trataka, and open-eyed Zen meditations. How To Practice Flower Gazing Meditation: Be sure to choose a flower that resonates with you. Set it about a foot in front of you at a comfortable angle, preferably at eye level. For beginners, it’s better to focus o

Tea Time - Thyme Tea!

Are you wondering...what's the Tea?! I recently learned about a new tea with so many benefits I had to try it right away! I love tea, and I tend to be keen on the herbals and florals! So, when I saw Thyme Tea scroll across my feed, boasting all those healing properties... I headed over to Whole Foods, picked up some Organic Thyme, boiled a pot of alkaline water---and voila! Let's talk about Thyme! If you’re tired of buying and trying over-the-counter acne medication with no good results, you may be in luck. Thyme is known for its antibacterial properties and it might have a future as an acne-fighting ingredient in organic beauty and skincare products. Getting all the vitamins your body needs

An Inspired Message For You...

Live An Inspired Life Be The Change. Live The Dream. Taking time to yourself is more important than you could possibly imagine. Inner Peace is what will bring health and balance to your life. Stress is a killer, and it is at the root of many illnesses and dis-eases. So, be sure to put the phone down, close the laptop, and step into nature. Take a walk on the beach, or just visit a local park. Add some new plants to your balcony or even your bedroom. Create a Sacred Space in your home, and do a brief, daily meditation to clear your mind and set your intentions. Mindful Living Will Change Your Life! Upcoming Reiki 1 Training LEARN MORE SHOP OUR INSPIRED LIVING BOUTIQUE #inspiredliving


So excited to announce that we will be offering Reiki Training + Certifications in South Florida! So, if you or a friend are in the Palm Beach County area, you should definitely check it out! Reiki is for Everyone, and the more people who practice Reiki, the faster our world can heal! Join us on Sunday, February 11, from 1-5pm as we clear, balance and attune our chakras to the free-flowing Reiki energy! We will be hosting the first training in Wellington, Florida in a serene, healing, Zen Sanctuary. We may also be outdoors in the Zen Garden, if weather permits. Organic Tea + Refreshments will be served. You will receive the knowledge and wisdom of Reiki, along with the Level 1 Attunement. Yo

A Friend Indeed...

Friendships, true friendships have always eluded me. I've seen the concept in TV shows and movies, on stage in plays, and even at the occasional cafe. I've posted on social media about my idea of friends, and how the world is truly lacking humans of integrity. Are we all just brainwashed? Rhetorical question, because of course we are. We have been taught and conditioned to think and feel a certain way. This, in turn leads to expectations that most likely cannot be met. Have you ever made plans with a friend, just to have them flake out at the last minute? Do you know that person who, every time you call, they bombard you with all their bullshit, and then say "oh, sorry hon, I gotta go!" -cli

Inspired Living

We launched many new initiatives in 2017, expanding the online collections was one of those endeavors! Take a look at what's new at VIBES Lifestyle... Curated Living is the way of the future because having the convenience of a one-stop shop at your fingertips is priceless! Our online boutique offers apparel for him, her and everyone in between! Accessories + adornments to compliment any style... Crystals to balance + cleanse your energies, and yoga lifestyle items to compliment your daily routines! If your home or office needs a little Feng Sui, check out VIBES Decor, we are sure to have something to make your space into the Sanctuary you have always dreamed of! Be Inspired, Live The Dream!

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