#metoo Are You Tired Of It?---ME TOO!

I know, I know... you've been seeing it everywhere, on the news, all over your feed... are you tired of it? You should be! It is unfathomable, the amount of harassment and violation that people have been forced to endure, with no justice. So many, women and men have been victims of sexual predators and inappropriate behavior, that it has become common-place, and far too often, the blame is placed on the victim. This must stop. This WILL STOP. We are all fed up, and we're not going to tolerate it any longer. Yesterday I created a group on Facebook called #metoo and it grew overnight! We will have 1k members by this eve. I've been doing my best to keep up with each story that is posted... So m

Are You Afraid...Of Natural Deo?!

So, I decided to write about natural deodorant, since it was once a great struggle of mine. I will clarify up front that I do not have a relationship with Schmidt's Naturals. I do not sell, nor get a commission on their products (however, they can feel free to contact me if they wanna talk...) So, this is just my honest opinion and a recommendation based on what I found works for me. If you don't think your deodorant is important, think again! (Lavender + Sage is my fave, but I decided to try their latest scent. See Below!) Anyways, here's the real deal! Deodorant, oh deodorant, where for art thou deodorant? Have you ever wondered why the person next to you on the train is overpowering you w

What Is VIBES Lifestyle...?

You may be new to VIBES Lifestyle, or you may just be in the dark as to what this is all about... VIBES Lifestyle is a platform for Inspired Living, which includes an online boutique featuring curated apparel, accessories and home decor. VIBES4LIFE offers a variety of lifestyle items, from yoga mats to bohemian harem pants, and more! Inspired Living is about reaching your full potential, and what supports that better than having all the tools and resources to do so? VIBE2SPIRIT is for the Androgynous crowd... if you tend to be geared toward a unisex, modern style, then you may want to check it out! The collections are constantly updated throughout the seasons, and they appeal to men, women

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