Ancient Runes

"Leila had created a successful business in partnership with her husband. The creative impulse of the idea, and the slogging hard work of getting the company on its feet, had been hers. The company was really "her baby." Now it was time to take the company public and the new investors wanted her participation but not her husband's. All her fears regarding loyalty, abandonment, the risk to her marriage and her husband's self esteem were brought to the surface by this situation. So Leila decided to use the Five Rune Spread. She drew these Runes: Overview (Perth): The Rune of Initiation, as the Overview of the situation, immediately shifted her focus away from both her relationship with her hus

"Be Water, My Friend..." #brucelee

I've always admired Bruce Lee, his precision alone is astounding. He was also quite a sage, who imparted a great deal of wisdom during his lifetime. I recently watched a video of an interview with Bruce Lee, and was inspired to write it all down. I now share it with you, so that you may be inspired as well. "Be Water, My Friend." - Bruce Lee "The word Superstar really turns me off and I'll tell you why, because the word star, man, is an illusion. It's something that the public calls you. As an actor, as a martial artist, as a human being, all these I have learned from martial arts. Here is the natural instinct, and here is control. You are to combine the two in harmony. If you have one to th

Manifestation Mishaps

Who are you here to be? Manifesting isn't about wanting, it's about BEing. Rock bottom is an excellent place for growth. It's okay to feel down, it's okay to cry. When we hold back our tears, we block our connection to the infinite energy of the Universe. Here are a few Manifestation Mishaps to pay attention to, and if necessary, change your course of direction! Manifestation Mishaps: 1- We think it's about getting something, it's not, it's about who we are here to be. 2- If we haven't released blockages, we won't be able to keep our manifestations. 3- Sabotage. We often sabotage what we do manifest. How do we release the blocks? 4- Focusing on the External. We must focus on the internal. 5-


Why Reiki? I will tell you why... at least for me. I was drawn to Reiki during a very low point in my life. My love had just been brutally murdered, and my boss at the time was less than empathetic to say the least. I was the Director of the Distance Education Program at a college, and she was my immediate supervisor. I was at work when I received this horrifying news; needless to say I was crying when I told her what happened and that I needed to leave. Her response was "go get some water, and get yourself together..." Water? Get myself together... Yeah, okay. I left. The funeral arrangements took some time due to the severity of the wounds to his face and head, so the service was pushed ba

Self Analysis by Napoleon Hill

As many of you may know, Napoleon Hill wrote a book long ago, titled Think & Grow Rich, which inspired many of the top successful people who are now mentors, public speakers and gurus, guiding and leading the way in self-mastery and business. When you take "inventory" of yourself annually, as suggested by Napoleon Hill, you will discover the progress you have made, as well as any regress. By asking yourself the following questions, (and afterward, asking someone you trust, who will not allow you to be dishonest with yourself, to help you check your answers for accuracy), you will have a good perspective on where you are and what goals you need to set for the upcoming year. The idea of life i

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