Healing Arts & Lifestyle Guru, Vibe Veda had a mission of being the change, while inspiring others to reach their fullest potential in life, mind, body + spirit. Vibe is the Founder of VIBES Lifestyle Enterprises, which consists of . ART OF CHA . ORGANIC TEA. ART OF CHI . DESIGNS + . ART OF ZEN . WELLNESS, which also includes an online shop + blog for the Tea Enthusiasts + Wellness Community.


After running an Apothecary at Deepak Chopra’s Home-base at ABC Home in NYC, and providing Reiki Healing at the Beauty, Wellness, Wisdom events, featuring Gabrielle Bernstein + Elena Brower, Vibe went on to co-host the launch of Indie Beauty Expo, NYC. Since that time, Vibe has relocated to South Florida, spending time hosting events, healing, curating + creating.

In addition to being a Reiki Healer + Life Coach, Vibe is also a published Author. You can find Vibe’s books Emerge, Live Your Dream + Clarity, Designing Your Dream on Amazon + Lulu. Vibe has hosted workshops + private healing sessions with clients, which include Reiki, Sound Healing, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing + more, across the US!

Vibe has been practicing the Healing Arts since 2009, and embodies many other talents as well, including creating music, video, sacred spaces, photography, painting, designing, writing + modeling, but at the heart of it all, the key focus is to “Be The Change ~ Live The Dream”.

In 2016 Vibe joined forces with her partner Guido Ghiragossian, a fellow artist + creative, whose art challenges social + mental constructs. With an affinity for tea + ceramics sculpting, together they enjoy the many facets of tea + wellness culture. Combined VIBES! With a focus on mindful, eco-sustainable living, they incorporate these practices into their business as well as their daily lives.


VIBES Lifestyle is a platform for luxury, inspired living, where wellness and opulence come together in perfect harmony! Join Us @TheGardenShoppe in West Palm Beach, FL and learn more about the Art of Cha and how it can positively impact our lives and our overall health! We hope to see you online or at our Tea Lounge soon!

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